Professional Pet Portraits at Hillside Veterinary Clinic

Hillside 2018 Ad 5x7

On November 29th, 2018 we will be spending the day at Hillside Veterinary Clinic. We will be doing Professional Portraits of Pets and Pets with their People.  We bring our entire studio to Hillside to capture their amazing clients and anyone else who wants to come in and see us!

If you cannot make it for our Pet Event at Hillside Veterinary Clinic, feel free to make an appointment for our Indoor Studio. We are honoring this type of pet session through the weekend.

We have been taking part in this for a few years, and we always have fun. We will be doing Traditional or Holiday Portraits.

Other items will be available for sale.

This event is NOT a simple snap shot, this is us working with your animal for ten minutes, getting professional series of pictures for you to choose from.

I have been a Professional Photographer for Fourteen Years. From the beginning, I have wanted to work with pets. Over these years, I have loved getting to know so many amazing people and animals! So many homes and farms that I have visited. I’m so blessed to be the story teller for so many people.

To make an appointment, text me at 740-398-1335.

Looking forward to all of the fun!

Angela Cooper

OTN Photography


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